Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Challenge is in the Strategy

New Mareketing

Growth of Nonprofit Marketing

More charitable firms that hold non-for-profit status, like colleges and hospitals, are adopting a marketing orientation.


Technological and economic developments continue to shrink distances between countries. Communications technology makes possible truly global businesses that service customers easily across international borders. Rising affluence creates new markets. European and Asian companies compete successfully in the U.S.

Changing World Economy

Even as new markets open to rising affluence in the Newly industrialized Pacific Rim, poverty and slowed economies in previously industrial nations has already changed the world economy. Americans increasingly maintain living standards only by having two incomes per household.

Ethics and Responsibility

The greed of the 1980s and other problems have spurred new interest in ethical conduct in business. Many consumers feel business in general has more of an obligation to those who generate profits -- the consumer!

New Landscape

The new marketing landscape is a dynamic, fast-paced, and evolving function of all these changes and opportunities. No static formula for success. Only strategies that incorporate and implement constant improvement in product quality and higher delivered customer value stand any change of long-term success.


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