Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Challenge Statements I Heard

Following are challenge statements (and my personal reflections) that I heard while watching television or on the radio while driving in my car, which posed a challenge for me to write them down or remember the challenge statement until I was able to write it down.

It’s going to be a challenging day.

Oh boy, a challenging day ... again. But then, what is a day without a challenge or two? As a marketing professional, providing my customers with solutions to their challenges is expected and what they are paying for.

Meet the challenges.

More important than defining the challenges are meeting the challenges with viable solutions.

Hardly a challenge.

If it is hardly a challenge, it might not really be a challenge or it is a challenge that you have faced and solved before.

My challenges.

These challenges are mine, but I am willing to share my challenges with you and anybody else that wants to share.

Successfully challenged.

OK, you’ve done it ... I’m challenged!

Mentally challenged.

This challenge is so good, I can’t get it out of my mind. This happens to me when I fall into the ‘Field of Dreams’ – Build IT and They will come. I become mentally challenged trying to define what is IT and who are They.

The toughest challenge.

That’s what I do with my time, spend it rating my challenges from easiest to toughest. Not. A challenge is toughest when you haven’t yet found a path that will lead you to a solution.

This could be challenging.

This is very good to know before taking on a new assignment, project or campaign. To understand that this could be challenging is the first step to meeting the challenge.

Designer’s challenge.

A designer’s challenge is to design a workable, affordable and agreeable solution to a customer’s undefined set of specifications. The challenge is to present what the customer wants (and needs) at a time that the customer is challenged by what they need designed.


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