Sunday, July 06, 2008

Challenges In The News 07/06/08

But globalization is here to stay. We need to respond with American ingenuity and optimism, rather than fear. Our biggest economic challenge is to create a path toward opportunity and mobility in the global economy.

Problems – and Solutions. Melinda Gates on how the Gates Foundation sets its priorities in a world filled with challenges. Melinda French Gates is co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the wife to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Together, they head the world’s largest charitable foundation, tackling such problems as public-health issues in Africa, India and elsewhere and the U.S. public-school system. She talked with Walt Mossberg about the challenges of bringing vaccines to poor children in Africa and how involved she and Mr. Gates are in the day-to-day running of the foundation.

It wasn’t lightly that I can to a decision I want to be CEO. I understand the challenges. I felt it’s my time to take Yahoo to the next level.

Ads Walk a Fine Line After China’s Quake. Last month’s earthquake caused death and destruction unprecedented in China’s three-decade era of market-oriented economic opening. It also posed a complicated, if less weighty, challenge for the companies that operate here: how to strike the right tone in appealing to a highly emotional population at a time of tragedy.

Lacker said the challenge now is it “might be difficult to resist further expanding the scope of central bank lending.”

Nastia Liukin, who is expected to challenge Johnson all the way through Bejing, was 1.15 points behind after posting 1 17.05 on un-even bars that was the highest mark for an American woman – on any event – since gymnastics went to its open-ended scoring system two years ago.

With the Los Angeles Lakers – Boston Celtics NBA Championship series starting Thursday, Villaraigosa is challenging Boston Mayor Menino to something beyond the usual exchange of food products or trinkets.

Public Service Payday. Once you’re in, you’re in for good. You are rewarded generously for your loyalty – assuming you don’t get any smart ideas and start challenging the power structure.

No time to bask after Obama win. McCain challenge welcomes Dem to race. Hours after reaching the number of delegates he needed to win the battle, the Illinois lawmaker was trying to heal wounds in his own party and fend off a challenge from his Republican opponent.

Intel dominates sales of x86 microprocessors, the chip design that provides calculating power for most PCs and server systems. AMD, its chief rival, has challenged Intel’s practices in several countries.
The challenge was to insulate water from interfering with the electrical signals. It’s like the human brain, where you mix electrical signals from the neurons with blood vessels that provide cooling and oxygen.


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