Thursday, July 17, 2008

Challenges In The News 07/17/08

These types of situations can be very challenging to deal with.

You need to be ready emotionally, to meet the challenge.

The challenge with receivers is ...

Beijing Challenges Shanghai

The railroad industry is also trying to find off calls for tougher federal regulations that would make it easier for shippers to challenge prices in areas where a railroad has a monopoly.

Yahoo Chief Weighs Microsoft Proposals. He said Sony’s Blu-ray high definition video format will “more than hold up” against competition from new online video services. Blu-ray faces new challengers, including, which sells movie downloads and announced plans to offer streaming services and is increasingly challenging Apple in the digital realm.

Developers finally solved the problem of recording the phrase “It’s learning time!” in Mandarin, but new challenges are ahead. The company will soon be examining the LCD screens on learning toys to determine whether Chinese characters can be displayed clearly.

UFC has fight on hands. CBS event latest challenge to MMA leader.

The Economy: Resignation leaves Fed board ranks thin. His surprise announcement leaves an already short-staffed central bank even more depleted in the midst of the most challenging economy in decades.

Give each manager one challenge per game. The manager can use it anytime he wishes, although it’s likely he wouldn’t waste it in the early innings, no matter how egregious the call. Balls and strikes are out: You can’t challenge those. To prevent frivolous challenges to, say, break a pitcher’s rhythm, there would be a penalty for asking for a reply on a call that was correct. You’d give up a ball or a strike on the spot, depdnding on whether you were in the field or at bat. And you’d also lose the challenge you might need in later innings. In this way, instant replay would be self-policing.

EPA’s air tests to be challenged


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