Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/30/08

Still, did I belong at her wedding? should I really watch my ex-wife marry another man? I wasn’t sure it was something I could do. I wasn’t sure it wasn’t challenging the civility between us beyond its capability.
But any challenge to an independent-minded judiciary at a time when it is prepared to rule against the interests of Mr. Samak and Mr. Thaksin is like to escalate the antigovernment street protests that have been clogging parts of Bankok since May and that at one point encircled Mr. Samak’s government headquarters.

Court Says Enemy Combatant Can Challenge Designation. The Bush administration has the authority to capture and detain suspected enemy combatants in the U.S. but must give them an adequate opportunity to challenge their military detention, a closely divided federal appeals court ruled. The court also split 5-4 on the question of whether Mr. Marri was denied due process. The majority said he was, and that additional hearings are necessary in U.S. District Court to allow Mr. Marri to challenge whether he was properly designated an enemy combatant.

“We are very fortunate,” said Paul Calello, chief executive of Credit Suisse’s investment bank. “When we look for opportunities in these challenging markets, hedge funds will certainly be a big focus.”

“It’s a real slice of America,” says Kirstin McMillan, a third-generation animal trainer who oversaw the selection of the teams from five casting calls, devised the challenges and scheduled filming to ensure that no dogs became too hot or stressed or were placed at risk.

Owners and their dogs face a new challenge each week, and it’s not always the team that arrived with the best training or longest list of tricks on the resume that wins. “Fundamentally, this takes a look at the relationship between a person and dog.”

As always, he says, the push will be distinguished by Virgin’s high-style, renegade attitude and customer-centric focus. “Virgin classically tries to challenge industry convention.”

A slowing economy and rapid inflation are presenting significant challenges to Federal Reserve policymakers, Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday.
The challenge lies not in keeping the enemy guessing about how long we’ll stay but ensuring the Iraqi government can resist the enemy once we are gone.

Bush lifts ban on oil drilling, challenges Dems in Congress

the outlook for clean energy is certainly bring – but pinpointing real opportunity in this vast landscape is a daunting challenge, even for the seasoned investor.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/29/08

Such judicial modesty contrasts with the Supreme Court’s recen Boumediene decision that granted foreign terrorists captured abroad the right to challenge their detention in U.S. courts.

“And the impression I get is that NASA headquarters is aware of the concern. Of course, against the backdrop of huge financial challenges agencywide, managers there are stuck between a rock and a hard place in making exploration decisions.”

The 18th, famous for its stunning waterfall, also has its admirers, most notably Annika Sorenstam, who said of the hole, “I have some very special memories of this hole; it’s a par-5 that doesn’t pose a huge challenge, but you are forced to take risks if you want to play it in three.”

Structuring electricity markets to guarantee both steady supplies and reasonable prices remains one of the biggest challenges for policymakers.

But he added that a tough market environment could make achieving an 8% return going forward more challenging. “U.S. stocks won’t get you there. We’re going to have to look for other opportunities.”

Empowered by soaring oil prices, Russia, Venezuela and Iran are challenging U.S. policies.

Today, at least, the state has a grasp of the challenge at hand, a baseline to work from and examples of success to guide it forward.
“There’s no question that they would be a challenge, and there’s no question that they would cost money. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

It was an embarrassing challenge to President Bush’s authority, especially since it was the second time in a week that Republicans said “no” to the president.

But finding an audience for “American Teen” may be more challenging than you would initially expect, especially during a time when independent films in general – and documentaries specifically – have largely been dying at the box office.

“I do think high school kids will relate to this movie, but it’s very challenging, if not, dare I say it, impossible, to sell a movie as an art house release to a high school student. I don’t think it’s that we’re trying to hide the face that it’s a documentary. One of the challenges of this movie is making people feel like this is a cinematic experience that will feel to them like a great teen comedy.”

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/28/08

That’s what’s happening now, as almost everybody agrees that whatever the long-term challenges, oil supply is adequate to meet demand at prices equivalent of $4 gallon for gas in the U.S.

Different Challenges. The challenges were different. “The best way to assist me is thinking exactly like me, because I cannot think about everything.”
Government Faces Challenge Over How To Enforce Rules. “There’s been a free ride on antitrust in China for a long time. Multinationals have got to audit themselves to find out whether they will be in compliance with the new antimonoploy law. That’s very challenging.

In Washington last week, U.S. District Judge James Robertson rejected a defense plea to halt the Hamdan trial, ruling that challenges to the new system’s fairness must wait until a conviction.

The company said conditions are expected to remain challenging through the second half of the year, particularly in the third quarter.

In any event, once the dealing with the losses from the previous regime is past, Mr. Pandit will face another challenge: proving there is value in keeping all of Citigroup’s broad set of businesses under one umbrella.

Turkey’s economy is expanding rapidly, but the availability of electricity is a key challenge to its future growth.

In a televised meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who oversees the energy industry, Mr. Medvedev outlined priorities for developing some of Russia’s richest and most challenging oil deposits.

Annette Taddeo, a small business woman, is challenging nine-term incumbent Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in a south Florida district.

Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, who is challenging incumbent Alaskan Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, said he post items or engages in online chats on prominent Democratic Web sites about every two weeks.

Recently, the Transportation Department proposed to raise automobile fuel-economy standards by 25% over a five-year period ending in 2015. Despite Sen. McCain’s optimism about the Volt, GM in filings to the agency has cited “numerous challenges” associated with bringing vehicles such as the Volt to market.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/27/08

He’s done enough to see the challenge before winning the match.

Federer is not a fan of the challenge system.

Mr. Remes’s conduct came at a critical time for U.S. detention policies. Last month, the Supreme Court decided that foreign nationals held at Guantanamo have a right to pursue habeas corpus challenges to their detention.

Now comes the real challenge.

While most networks are facing a huge challenge from the rise of online entertainment options and ad-skipping devices, the CW has been particularly susceptible. It’s core demographic – younger viewers – are more comfortable watching entertainment on their computers than older audiences are, and more willing to try the latest ad-skipping technologies.

A French chemical maker is reaping a potential billion-dollar windfall under a United Nations program intended to spur climate-friendly investment in the developing world, highlighting the challenges of using market forces to tackle global warming.

This week presents just the latest in a string of challenges.

Yahoo’s Net Falls 18% as Growth Concerns Persist. “It has been a very challenging environment for our company and employees,” said Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang in an interview, nodding to the drama surrounding Microsoft’s unsolicited bid for Yahoo. “But results were strong. We feel good about that.”

A Shopping Trip To the App Store for Your iPhone. Even more noteworthy: iPhone and Touch users have downloaded 25 million copies of these programs, ranging from silly sound effects to challenging games; from news readers to restaurant locators; from social-networking programs to business applications.

GE’s Imagination at Work. Challenged at Home, Company Strikes Gusher with Abu Dhabi Linkup

This month, Mr. Cuomo chose not to appeal a decision that allowed former New York Stock Exchange CEO Dick Grasso to keep his compensation package, which Mr. Spitzer had challenged.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/26/08

Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross fended off attacks by challenger City Councilman Jim Lane on Tuesday that she has overseen a secretive government that's leading to distrust among residents.

J.P. Morgan analyst Michael LaMotte noted that the company’s production guidance for the third quarter “echoes the familiar challenges around production declines” and said he expected refining earnings to remain weak.

The Reform Michigan proposal must still survive some legal and technical challenges to make the fall ballot.

In addition, lowering tobacco use will require persuading governments to raise taxes and make antismoking policies a higher priority among many concerns. In China, there’s a deeper challenge, Mr. Bloomberg noted: The biggest tobacco company there, China National Tobacco Corp., is government-owned.
That challenge is reflected in the views of Beth Brotherton, 43, of Taylorville, Ill., an attorney now staying home to care for her four children. She leans Democratic, but is uncomfortable with Sen. Obama. “I don’t want to find out after he’s elected that he’s got some kind of Islamic connection. I don’t think that’s true, but you never know.”

Refocus on Afghanistan. It’s time to encourage the Iraqi government to stand up on its own while we re-focus on the war in Afghanistan and the broad range of national security challenges we face. Barack Obama is profoundly right that the next president must be more than commander in chief for Iraq – he must meet challenges to America’s security around the world.

Hard to digest, tough to watch. Young, offensively challenged NL West clubs struggling to win.

Fordham University law professor Deborah Denno says lethal injection challenges create a “snowball effect” that prolongs death row waits.
That’s his challenge right now, because he’s having trouble hitting the lane.

He probably should have challenged that call.

Stop the challenge.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/25/08

7/23/2008 The theme for the fourth annual Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week will be "Maximizing Opportunities in Challenging Times." This distributor/supplier executive conference will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel and the Orange County Convention Center, Feb. 16-19, 2009, in Orlando, Fla.

TORONTO (Reuters) - Lundin Mining Chief Executive Phil Wright said on Tuesday the economics of its Aljustrel zinc mine in Portugal are "challenging," and that it would make a decision on the mine's future by the end of the year.

Detroit, Michigan stars Eminem and Kid Rock have been challenged to a freestyle rap battle, which could pocket their chosen charities GBP500,000.

ROCK FALLS - Whiteside County State's Attorney Gary Spencer released a written statement about the upcoming campaign, and write-in challenger Amy Huffman.

SYDNEY (Thomson Financial) - Macquarie Group Ltd, Australia's top investment bank, said on Wednesday it had a solid start to the 2009 fiscal year, but added it was increasingly challenging to repeat last year's record A$1.8 billion ($1.75 billion) net profit.

Preparations for the 2012 London Olympics are being challenged by the impact of global financial turmoil.

If Dan Saban is elected Maricopa County Sheriff, expect deputies to spend more time pursuing fugitive felons in Maricopa County and less time going after residents who might be in the country illegally, the challenger announced in a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

NEW DELHI: A day after it reported a 7% drop in first quarter net profit, Maruti Suzuki on Tuesday hinted at a challenging year ahead due to factors like high interest rates and increased commodity costs.
Emerging economies challenged rich countries to prove their goodwill on Tuesday at crucial World Trade Organization talks, which were hamstrung by the absence of the Indian trade minister.

In this race, Judge Renee Goldenberg, who is seeking her third term in office, is being challenged by Kim T. Mollica, a divorce lawyer. Incumbent judges who are doing a good job aren't often challenged in Broward County, but in this case, Ms. Mollica, 45, believes she can make a difference for the better.
A developmentally-challenged woman is Peel Region's latest murder victim, after her body was found in a Mississauga park. The body of Karina Neff, 31, was found around noon, Tuesday, near Erin Mills Parkway and Dundas Street, more than 14 hours after her family reported her missing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/24/08

The test series between Sri Lanka and India could be pivotal for three reasons: the umpire challenge system going on trial, Sachin Tendulkar targeting a batting world record and spin bowling sensation Ajantha Mendis making his debut.

Tom Friedman distorted Al Gore's new energy challenge, which called for an energy policy based on 100 percent renewable sources, by including the role of coal. Isn't coal a nonrenewable fossil fuel?

CQ Weekly in its July 21 issue profiled Nancy Nielsen, the new president of the American Medical Association, and examined "her toughest case ahead: the health care overhaul debate." Nielsen's "eclectic resume" likely will shape her opinions on AMA's next major challenge: "positioning itself in a fresh round of discussions" regarding an overhaul of the U.S. health care system, CQ Weekly reports.

US 41 Self-Storage is holding a blood drive Tuesday, July 29 — and issuing a challenge. “We’re putting out a challenge to other storage facilities, asking ‘What Can You Do?’ for a similar event,” said co-manager Evelyn Tinkham.

The big surprise that the Monmouth Old-Timers promised for their upcoming annual game has been revealed to be an “open challenge” to local celebrities. Accepting that challenge on behalf of “local celebrities” is well-known area defense attorney David Reid Clark.

The Hoople Group co-founders, Peter Kaufman and Heidi Workman, issued a challenge to all Virginia-based marketing firms yesterday. "After reading a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning about the dire need for more funds, we decided to do something.

ANC chairperson of the Thabo Mkhandwane branch at Dewetsdorp, Free State, is adamant that they will still challenge the planned conference despite a court ruling.

JAVIER MASCHERANO will tonight play his last Liverpool game for a month - but hopes the Reds will be ready to mount a genuine title challenge upon his return from the Olympics.

SAN FRANCISCO - Brocade Communications Systems Inc is plunking down $3 billion for Foundry Networks Inc., melding two companies with presence deep in the data center and posing a direct challenge to industry behemoth Cisco Systems Inc.

Associated Press - July 21, 2008 7:24 PM ET PHOENIX (AP) - A federal judge is weighing a challenge to Arizona requirements for voter identification and proof of citizenship for registering to...

PokerTek, Inc., the industry pioneer and worldwide leader in automated poker tables and related software, announced today that it has teamed with Vend Lease to offer Lucky Sevens, an innovative financing program, for operators of its fast growing Heads-Up Challenge amusement game.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/23/08

At a press conference at city hall last week, Mayor Sam Katz officially announced that he is taking the challenge by signing up to participate in The Challenge For Life 20 km walk in support of CancerCare Manitoba.

The EU began global trade talks by saying that it could reduce farm tariffs by 60 per cent in a challenge to developing countries to make reciprocal concessions.

In a contest tinged by ethnic politics, the State Senator Kevin S. Parker is facing the unusually tough challenge of having two opponents, both from the City Council.

July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Jenoptik AG , Europe's largest maker of traffic cameras, plans to double sales of the equipment in North America next year to challenge Redflex Holdings Ltd. The challenge newspapers must meet immediately is to find more revenue on the Internet, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism's study, called "The Changing Newsroom: What is Being Gained and What is Being Lost in America's Daily Newspapers."

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says Chelsea's ageing squad may struggle to challenge for honours next season.

The umpires' word is still final but the new technology that allows players to challenge their rulings will only help them make the right decisions, an International Cricket Council official said Wednesday.

NEWFIELD — One of the nation's leading legal advocacy groups for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has urged the Newfield Central School District to reconsider its successful jurisdictional challenge of human rights law protection for students on the grounds that it will end a method of addressing discrimination for LGBT students.

Wolf welcomes challenge

After years of covering the arts in print, Charlotte Higgins is taking on the challenge of becoming a full-time blogger

Heavy metal stars IRON MAIDEN have launched a soccer challenge to Norway's top rockers in a bid to bounce back from an 8-1 drubbing there three years ago (05).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/22/08

New Zealand rider Josh Coppins' world MX1 championship challenge stalled in South Africa this morning with a second consecutive non-podium finish.

TRENTON The New Jersey League of Municipalities announced it will challenge new affordable housing regulations, claiming the recently implemented rules that established local obligations are "fatally flawed."

Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal can challenge for the title this season, despite losing a number of players.

Senior BJP leader LK Advani said the greatest challenge faced by the nation is to attain good governance.

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) _ President Omar al-Bashir's indictment on Darfur genocide charges presents the Sudanese leader with the most serious challenge to his 19-year rule, raising questions about his legitimacy that could weaken his grip on power.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) head coach Moses Basena says his team is ready for the challenge offered by Miembeni in the Cecafa Kagame Cup quarterfinals.

The Los Angeles Sparks star has a new challenge: juggling motherhood with pursuit of an WNBA title and Olympic gold.

The European Union offered to reduce its farm tariffs by 60 percent the highest figure it has yet offered in a challenge to developing countries to make concessions.

What kind of movement and leader would it take to really try to change America’s very rigid national security state – and how might Barack Obama measure up to that challenge?

CANTERBURY, England, July 20 -- The head of the Anglican Communion said Sunday that the global fellowship faces "one of the most severe challenges" in its history, and he urged bishops at their once-a-decade Lambeth Conference to do the hard work of finding solutions.

To deal with illegal street races, municipal leaders in Lodz, Poland, set up events in which proud car owners could challenge one another head to head over a quarter-mile of closed road downtown.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/21/08

For example, BRE Properties Inc., a San Francisco apartment company had a strong first quarter with 4.2% net operating income growth, year over year. Constance Moore, BRE’s chief executive, said in an earnings call with analysts that while she was maintaining her initial guidance, “given the range of regional economic conditions, strong in certain markets, recessionary in others, this is going to be a challenging year and perhaps longer.”

ASEAN foreign ministers and senior officials at the 41th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ministerial meeting in Singapore. Rising oil and food prices pose a serious challenge to the social and economic welfare of Southeast Asia, the region's foreign ministers said at annual talks.
Check out the latest in the challenge, get tips and see how you can save.

“If he wants the fight, he should provoke.” This is what Oscar de la Hoya is reportedly awaiting from Manny Pacquiao before he takes on the challenge of facing the Filipino boxing king.

A German swimmer who won a court order last week to be added to her country's Olympic squad after failing to qualify has withdrawn her legal challenge, the German swimming association said on Monday.

The Sudanese government has set up a high-level committee to challenge the International Criminal Court's (ICC) application for Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir to be charged with crimes against humanity.

Gaffney Post 109 manager Jeff Osment prefers a challenge. He'll likely get one when his team travels today to Irmo to open the second round of the playoffs. Gaffney will host game two on Tuesday, with Irmo hosting game three on Wednesday. Game four, if necessary, will be played at Commissioners Field. Irmo would host winner-take-all game five on Friday.

HANOVER -- The Licking Valley Athletic Boosters have accomplished a lot in the past several years, such as installing new bleachers and completion of the baseball complex, to name a couple. But now they have taken on a new challenge, and they are going to need our help to be successful. Mark July 30 on your calendar and come lend a hand.
There is a new kind of 10-year challenge that we must will into reality.
This is a challenge that is of utmost importance – a clarion call to all concerned citizens – and here it is: Within 10 years, the world must dedicate itself to completely ignoring eco salesmen peddling 10 year challenges. 911 operators face challenge when trying to locate a woman. How often operators face the challenge posed by cell phones.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/20/08

But this new strategy presents unique challenges.

Meanwhile, Yahoo continues to face challenges of its own.
“Challenging credit-market conditions, combined with Moody’s role and function in those markets, have created scrutiny and criticism from numerous external sources about various aspects of our business,” Moody’s Corp. Chief Executive Raymond McDaniel said in a letter to employees Wednesday.

White House May Soften Health Policy. The letter came as the administration faces pressure from Congress and legal challenges by several states, including New York and New Jersey, over the 2007 directive.

Loyola faces big challenge in No. 1 Duke

After the renovation and the switch to Bermuda grass, Klauk has been able to present a firmer, more challenging course.

Toyota faces a challenge in maintaining profit partly because of the recent decline in the dollar, which erodes the value of overseas earnings of Japanese exporters. “Without a doubt we have challenges, and in some cases things are going to be a little slower than we expect,” Chernin said. But the company is “developing the solutions to meet them.”

Chief Executive Dieter Scheiff said markets have become more challenging and the company expects only modest growth this year, not the revenue boost of 7% to 9% he had planned.

Apple’s exclusive arrangements haven’t stood in the way of selling about 5.7 million iPhones as of the end of March, and posing one of the first major challenges to the dominance of BlackBerry maker ResearchInMotion Ltd. and handset maker Nokia Corp. on the market for more advanced cellphones.

Mr. Heese is relentlessly optimistic – he recently finished a book on Noel Prize laureates called “The Impossible Takes Longer.” And he can be blunt about Sprint’s challenges.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/19/08

The past weekend’s Travelers was the first tournament of golf’s great challenge – trying to prove there is sustainable life on a planet with no Tiger Woods.

Lockheed, meanwhile, is challenging the Navy contract awarded to Northrop for the unmanned planes, saying that its own proposed aircraft was less expensive. The GAO has 100 days to deny or sustain the challenge. Last year, the GAO received more than 1,411 such complaints and determined that 91 were valid. No one has challenged Northrop’s other recent major contract, awarded by the Navy last fall and potentially worth tens of billions of dollars.

For the 5,700-church denomination, the challenge is protecting its identity as a home to modern and inclusive theology, a historically white denomination with some pastors who favor black liberation theology.

Also unclear, analysts said, is whether Senior Gen. Than Shwe maintains his near-monolopy on power or is facing factional challenges.

He can even put them on the night before a storm and be ready to go the next morning. It won’t be quite as challenging to make it up the driveway, but maybe he can pretend he’s a superhero with magic powers.

“We’re always concerned when a high level of contaminants is found in a species,” said Alex Pitts, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. PBDEs “are showing up everywhere and the are more concentrated in urban areas, which is challenging for urban wildlife.”

This month, you take on challenges that others are afraid to tackle, and you are rewarded.

Still, ferreting out potentially hazardous substances can be a challenge.

Those improvement efforts face a huge challenge mitigating problems in what the EPA estimates to be 1.2 million miles of sewers snaking underground across the USA.

She has a right to make whatever decision he makes. Clinton’s challenge in the final weeks is to convince party leaders she remains a viable candidate, and the campaign sought to do that Wednesday.

To meet soaring worldwide demand for food and energy crops, millions of acres of land are being brought into production. To address the challenge, the new bill would expand and strengthen the Department of Agriculture’s conservation initiatives that reward farmers and ranchers for their sound conservation practices.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/18/08

We all face challenges at work. You can be part of the solution.
Rising Challenger Takes On Elder-Care System

Inside Microsoft’s War Against Google. How Steve Balmer will challenge the online ad leader without Yahoo.
Early challenge: Serena Williams brushed off a tight first set.

Even Defensive Names Take Hits: Pfizer and Merck see stocks trading at multiyear lows as Investors focus on Challenges facing drug makers.

McCain Challenges Auto Makers on Fuel Efficiency. Republican presidential contender John McCain challenged auto makers to increase fuel-efficiency and create a zero-emissions vehicle.

Collect Taxes? Not us. Amazon.com doesn’t want to be a taxman, so it’s challenging a New York State law that requires out-of-state e-tailers to collect taxes on purchases made in the Empire State.

Then from June 9-30, you will have a chance to submit essays, comments, and videos to BusinessWeek.com chronicling the biggest challenges you face in any of the six categories – and how you have grappled with them.

Professor John Duffy at George Washington University law school, whose analysis of the 1999 law underlies TransLogic’s challenge, argues they’ll have to be reappointed.

Challenge to the throne

India to test new challenge system on tour of Sri Lanka. Each side will be allowed three challenges in each period or innings, which Richardson said would eliminate “frivolous challenges.” The number of challenges remains intact if a decision is overturned using the system.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/17/08

The Challenge Properties

Landmark ruling ignites challenges to firearms laws. Beyond that, the court did not address what types of regulations would survive legal challenges.

Children often play about what they are working on. For some children, that might be new babies, or sharing, or scary monsters. Others, with more challenging lives, may play about illness, death, loss or abuse.
“Romantic comedies are inherently challenging to make because the audience already knows how it’s going to end – with a happy ending, because that’s the contract Hollywood has with the audience – so you better make it darn entertaining along the way.

The company argued that because she did not challenge the charges during the bankruptcy court’s confirmation proceedings, her claim should be dismissed.

Rough Road Ahead – How will state and federal agencies deal with future transportation funding challenges?

Fed Vacancies Pose Challenge for Bernanke. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may soon face a delicate challenge in steering monetary policy as the Fed’s interest-rate-setting committee shrinks.

The rapid pace of change in the information world makes it challenging to keep up with new products, services and management practices.

America’s Next Top Model. The women get a preview of their makeovers at a Beverly Hills salon, a runway challenge and pose in a jungle photo shoot.
The challenge is a familiar one: A big, hidebound company wants to be more creative.

The current profound global change, he believes, is due to the rise of a dozen or so nations, including Chine and India, that are beginning to challenge the U.S. in terms of prosperity and prestige – and threaten what he sees as America’s Roman Empire-style world dominance.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/16/08

Midlevel schools fall short on academic rates. Limited means cited. At Boise State, President Robert Kustra also is joining the NCAA board as the WAC’s representative and similarly views the league-to-league disparity as a challenge rather than an injustice.
Don’t limit challenge to ‘green’ car battery. John McCain’s “green” car battery proposal has merit but is needlessly limited to a single potential technology. Instead of limiting the challenge to improved batteries, he should expand it to cover all possible alternative technologies, such as hydrogen cells (“McCain’s $300M lure for new, ‘green’ car battery sparks buss,” News, Tuesday). Rather than a specific monetary reward, issue a “federal challenge” to the first individual, group, association or business that can patent a transportation device that does the following: (1) Carries four adult passengers and 100 pounds of luggage 300 miles without refueling; (2) Can be recharged in less than 15 minutes; (3) Does not use a fossil fuel; (4) Does not produce environmental contaminants. The winner would be allowed to market and franchise the device fee of federal taxation for the duration of the patent. That would be an incentive for invention.

Anthrax payoff doesn’t address reporter’s issue. The Justice Department’s $5.8 million settlement with Steven Hatfill, named a “person of interest” in the 2001 anthrax attacks, leaves unresolved his challenge to reporter’s rights in protecting sources of sensitive information.

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state's highest court today ruled that people who oppose a recent millage increase in the Dollarway School District near Pine Bluff can still challenge the collection of property taxes. The Dollarway Patrons for Better Schools challenged a millage increase approved last year.

The city is challenging local businesses to shut down their power and enjoy the outdoors on the anniversary of the 2003 blackout in August. On Aug. 14, 2003, many homes in southern Ontario and the Northeastern U.S. found themselves without power. The blackout lasted three days.

An application by Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale to have a petition challenging his election struck out was on Wednesday dismissed with costs.

Anxious District officials prepared Wednesday to respond if the city's handgun ban is struck down when the U.S. Supreme Court issues its decision in a case challenging that ban, a ruling the court signaled will come today.

Listed below are the unofficial election results for the Greater Valley Glen Council Election held Saturday, June 28. Nothing is official until all Provisional ballots are counted and any challenges resolved. Individuals who did not have adequate identification or proof of eligibility at the poll on Saturday have until Tuesday to supply documentation to the City Clerk. It can be faxed to 213/978-0376. In some cases, the Provisional ballots can decide the outcome. Even so, no seats are considered elected until the official final results are issued by the City Clerk. The results will be announced on Wednesday, 7/2/08 and then a 5-day period for challenges will start. With all variables taken into consideration, the outside date for the Final Election/Challenge Report is July 31. Of course, it could be sooner but unlikely to be before July 10. The current Board will hold their final official meeting Monday, July 7. The swearing in of the new Board will be Monday, August 4.

Introducing the NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini Challenge.

Ready for the Challenge?

Prosecutors challenged parts of the testimony of Alvarez’s family members, except for his mother, whom they chose not to cross-examine.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/15/08

Improving Our Schools: A Donors Choose Challenge. I have posted “Councilwoman Wendy Greuel’s Help Our Kids Challenge” on their website. For the challenge, I have chosen 32 worthwhile projects in Council District 2. Meeting the goal for the challenge requires $5,279, and $3,651 has already been donated.
Now, let’s look at the challenges of racing.
The biggest constant challenge we face is getting sponsors.

That is a challenge to us.

How would you grade your organization in terms of diversity? Many donors are paying close attention to these statistics, and the trend promises to continue, says Richard Potter, vice president for development at American Humanics. Potter shares a candid look at what it means to embrace the challenge of diversity in a nonprofit organization.

Yet the Massachusetts experiment, enacted in 2006 by a Republican governor in a Democratic state, still faces a huge challenge: costs.

The state has 355,000 newly insured residents as of April, according to the journal Health Affairs, a leading chronicle of health policy, which recently outlined the success and challenges of the effort.

In The Lead: Business Books to Pack for Quick Read on Beach. Here are some books to consider bringing along that address pressing challenges yet are quick reads.

Betting on a Biofuel: Biobutanol has several advantages over ethanol. And one big disadvantage. “The challenge is how can we make this move faster,” says John Ranieri, vice president of biofuels at DuPont, who’s heading the company’s biofuel efforts.

Help From Evolution. One major challenge ahead is figuring out how to make butanol out of non-food feedstocks. Ethanol has recently come under fire because if absorbs large amounts of grain that would otherwise be available as food. Its critics blame increased production of the fuel for contributing to skyrocketing food prices.

Jamie Moreno, MLS’ all-time leading scorer, netted an early penalty kick after a clumsy Galaxy challenge and played a key role in the attack.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/14/08

Asustek still faces some big challenges before it can join the tech indsutry’s elite.

Yahoo also seeks some guarantee of the deal’s value. As Microsoft’s share price dropped amid concern over the challenges of integrating so large a target, so did the value of its half-stock, half-cash offer – by several billion dollars.

On June 2, Washingon lost its final appeal before WTO in a case brought by Brazil challenging the subsidies.

Men’s team carries great expectations. U.S. squad has potential to be best of all time. The 2008 team, if they want to be the best team, they’re going to have to earn it. “It’s going to be a huge challenge,” said national team coach Mark Schubert.

Eni Oil-Deal Prices Stir Concern. A big challenge, he says is achieving less-bad outcomes in today’s environment of high oil prices. Sticking to old contracts in the face of more-powerful state oil companies “is maybe not the right strategy because, at the end of the day, governments own the oil.”

Stocks end quarter just above ‘Bear’ but Challenges remain for the rest of the year.

Casting for deeper meaning. Author finds solace in rivers. Mary Alice Monroe is standing thigh-deep in the Dry River, which is anything but. The previous night’s rain has swollen the stream that runs through Riven Rock Park outside of town here. It’s not the best conditions for fly-fishing. her guide has already told her that fishing today is going to be a “real challenge”. In fact, Monroe just caught her line in a tree.

The Pentagon and the State Department quickly disputed the GAO’s conclusion, but the report nevertheless points to the challenging problems for which the GAO investigators, at least, did not see a cohesive, convincing response.

“I have found, for the first time, my patriotism challenged – at times as a result of my own carelessness, more often as a result of the desire by some to score political points and raise fears about who I am and what I stand for,” he said before a few hundred people at the Truman Memorial Building.

A Feat of Engineering / A Global Partnership – It’s important to know who can handle the challenge.

In an Absolut World: We question everything. We challenge assumptions and defy conventions. Because that’s the first step in making things better.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/13/08

The challenge for Blue State (which does not disclose earnings and revenues) is to ride the Obama wave while diversifying it’s business – particularly overseas, where it sees opportunities. “We will always maintain a progressive idealism.”

Near the end, Binders takes up a classic management challenge: recruiting and retaining star employees.

Here are creative ways families and advisers have tackled the challenge of maintaining peace while dividing the family heirlooms.
The challenges: Too many JMOs can’t seem to get the military’s necessary bureaucracy out of their systems, and as a result, they tend to embrace rules and regulations that can slow them down. Second and last, some officers can lack visionary thinking. They may have risked their lives in the military, but some JMOs seem less inclined to take risks in business. On balance, there is no balance.

In your opinion, what are some of the positive traits of leaders from the Armed Forces who you’ve seen enter business and what challenges do they face?
Building a sustainable enterprise is the real challenge for CEOs today. With markets in a state of continuous turbulence, there is no choice but to find new ways to maintain growth and leadership postions.

That’s why state and federal judges overwhelmingly uphold arbitration awards challenged in their courtrooms.

Going green is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the bottom line. We met one-on-one with 1,130 CEOs and business leaders from around the world to get their unique perspectives on the environment, the population explosion and other challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.
Now, as the initial tech development has wound down, the organization faces a more daunting challenge: deploying and integrating millions of laptops in schools and communities. If something goes awry, the fragile credibility it has stitched together in recent weeks could rip apart.

The big idea of giving PCs to poor children was challenged by educators and business.

Such are the challenges of introducing not just a strange new machine but an alien world to a child brought up in isolation from outside culture.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/12/08

In another challenge to the president, Velayati also spoke postively about incentives presented last month by European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana on behalf of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. The proposals were aimed at persuading Iran to stop enriching uranium.

Acquisition for the kids. “To survive, let alone thrive, has been a challenge,” Taylor said. “DIC is one of those companies that has survived and thrived.”

Obama would aid faith-based charities. Obama, who worked for a Roman Catholic group as a community organizer, in Chicago in the early 1980”, said the challenges we face today – from saving our planet to ending poverty – are simply too big for government to solve alone.”

Firm settles suit over mall high-rise towers. The owner of the Beverly Connection mall has agreed to withdraw plans for two high-rise residential towers as part of a settlement with two community groups that challenged the expansion in court, citing concerns about density in one of the city’s most congested areas. “Rarely has a community challenge to an inappropriate development met with such total success.”

The California Supreme Court has not indicated what action it will take on the suit. It could issue a brief order, hold a hearing and make a full-blown ruling or reject the case now but permit advocates to bring the challenge after the election. The ballots goes to the printer in August.

That one (a line call) is one he should have challenged.

Remember, you have to challenge immediately.

Oh, there’s one he will challenge.

He had 4 or 5 challenges against him and he doesn’t believe the computerized results of every challenge.
“The challenge for banks now is the broader economic distress that’s stemming from a slowdown which is housing-led.”

Webb says both trucking operators have shown that they can grow profitably in challenging times.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/11/08

WASHINGTON, July 2 -- U.S. consumers planning a "staycation" at home instead of a vacation away during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend may reconsider when they learn how to be more fuel efficient by taking the Drive $marter Challenge at www.drivesmarterchallenge.org.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, is hogging US media headlines as he mulls challenging a recent controversial Supreme Court ruling forbidding the death penalty in child-rape cases.

All Blacks coach Graham Henry says the opening Tri Nations game will be "the toughest challenge" of his career.

Wages and hours are getting trimmed fast. Challenger said some employers are slashing benefits, including reducing the 401(k) company match. Tuition reimbursement programs are being cut; in-house fitness facilities are being closed.

Beto Alvarez immediately knew his young cousin would be a challenge.

1176 to 2008: Modern challenges test us, yet the Declaration of Independence’s vision endures.

They shouldn’t allow challenges during matches.

Join us for our first AFP Social - Thursday, July 10 at the Muddy Moose Bar in the Sportsmen's Lodge - just down the hall from our normal meeting room. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow fundraisers and talk about your challenges/successes or nothing at all! It is from 5-7 p.m.

What one (Boy Scout merit badge) was the biggest challenge for you to live up to?

Airport gun ban faces challenge. “It’s astonishing to me that the city of Atlanta continues to hold itself above the law,” he said, noting hat his group had successfully challenged an Atlanta ordinance banning firearms in city parks. The legal challenge comes less than a week after the Supreme Court ruled that Americans had the right to own a gun for self-defense.

Whichever team prevails will make soccer history, but the Brazillans need to win by three goals to overcome last week’s loss, so their task at giant Maracana stadium is more challenging.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/10/08

A local spa owner has issued a challenge to spa and salon owners in the area, all in the name of a good cause....

Anthony Hamilton rules out charity challenge for Lewis

Curious to know what the next generation of game developers can do? GameCareerGuide.com, Gamasutra's sister web site for game development education, has been running a series of game design challenges, and the three strongest answers to a recent challenge about level design have just been posted.

U.S. President George W. Bush acknowledged the challenge facing the U.S. military in Afghanistan Wednesday, saying June is a "tough month" there.

The Prince’s Trust has launched a new challenge urging employees to run their own mini-enterprises to raise £1m for young entrepreneurs.

Police sergeants are too scared to challenge constables because they fear being accused of bullying, an official report has revealed.

In his home British Grand Prix on Sunday, the McLaren driver faces a crucial test of his ability to revive his title challenge and to burnish a somewhat tarnished reputation.

WAYNESBORO — Eastside Speedway's oval track gets cranked up tonight with a holiday special racing program featuring the Two-Track Challenge format.

Beijing's policy of repeated monetary tightening has helped the major lenders increase their interest rate margins, but they face the challenge of expanding beyond traditional lending.
Republican U.S. presidential candidate John McCain says the continuing flow of drugs from Colombia through Mexico into the United States is a major challenge for all Americans.

JERUSALEM, July 3 -- Jean Relevy, a handyman with an intense curiosity about the world, lived for many things: the challenge of wiring a concert hall, the chance to banter over biology and chemistry with friends, the grandchild he planned to welcome this summer.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/09/08

Thank you for visiting Hartsook Companies both at the BSA National Conference in San Diego. It was a pleasure making your acquaintance and learning about your council’s fundraising opportunities and challenges.

A former Fort Worth City Council member is facing a second challenge seeking to keep her off the ballot in a November state Senate race.

OGUNQUIT, Maine — The Maine Democratic Party has continued its challenge of town resident Herb Hoffman's independent candidacy for U.S. Senate.

Dwain Chambers has been urged to halt his challenge to an Olympic ban for the good of the British team heading to Beijing.

TOKYO -(Dow Jones)- Inflation is the "number one challenge" facing emerging Asian economies, with soaring food prices raising the specter of malnutrition for Asia's poorest, Asian Development Bank President Haruhiko Kuroda said Friday.

Broad - coming of age. England hope to reap the benefits from their bold decision to change their bowling line-up earlier this year when Stuart Broad faces the biggest challenge of his fledgling Test career against South Africa.

The Council for Civil Liberties is preparing a court challenge against new fines for people who annoy or inconvenience pilgrims during Sydney's World Youth Day later this month.

Ron Johnson spent 32 years in the military leading people through difficult situations. He quickly found another challenge when he retired from the Army.

Ten out of 100 teams had successfully went through two gruelling HSBC Tri-Xtreme stages, which have taken place over the last two consecutive Sundays. The last and what may be the toughest challenge that they will face will be this Sunday at The Empire Hotel and Country Club.

''We are withdrawing him from this'' - Hamilton Snr Lewis Hamilton accepted and then quickly retracted a challenge to go head-to-head with British F1 rival Jenson Button in a triathlon event...

Jenson Button has thrown out a challenge to fellow British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton that they swap wheels for their own feet and race a triathlon at the end of July.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/08/08

It’s good that Johan Dennelind likes challenges. There will be a lot of that as the CEO leads DiGi.Com through a stuttering economy, a competitive industry and an entry into broadband.

AACHEN, GERMANY - June 25, 2008: A century after the Model T put the world on wheels, Ford is challenging five universities from around the world to dream big and create a Model T concept for the 21st century.

CARSON CITY -- Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio, the dean of the Legislature, on Thursday became the latest of a growing number of Nevada politicians whose right to run for another term has been challenged.

With the dollar down and fuel prices up, U.S. airlines are fighting to stay afloat. But they're also fending off another challenge: increasingly powerful European rivals.

The challenge of productivity growth is the sole basis for the generation of food self-sufficiency. This cannot be avoided, it is the only route.

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state's highest court today ruled that people who oppose a recent millage increase in the Dollarway School District near Pine Bluff can still challenge the collection of property taxes.

Pro-gun groups filed a federal lawsuit Thursday challenging a long-standing Chicago handgun ban only hours after the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to strike down a similar ban in the District of Columbia.

Getting children involved in something bigger than themselves can be a challenge, but Scouting leaders in Miami County accomplished that literally and figuratively on Sunday, July 6.

“Our camera crews follow around kids who are obese through school and at home. It shows how they meet challenges, shape up, lose weight, and get back on track. The winners are those who best succeed in making changes in their lives.”

The challenge in a down market, McHugh notes, is to stay with one’s convictions. “From a sentiment standpoint it always feels ugliest and hardest at these points in time.”

Mellow coastal enclave fed up with RV glut. “Where do these campers go?” he said. “Society has to find ways to put them in places that don’t criminalize them. It’s challenging not just for me, but for other cities and regions.”

It should be an argument among friends, who agree more than they disagree, each of us united in a cause larger than our individual interests, honestly debating the best means to serve that cause, and intent on finding some common ground upon which to overcome together the many challenges before us. To love one’s country is to love one’s countrymen.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/07/08

You want a challenge? Search through DeAndre Jordan's freshman season for even the slightest hint he is ready to play in the NBA. Compared to that, learning to speak Mandarin or cooking up a nice crawfish etouffee should be a breeze.

Two London youths stabbed to death weeks apart had prepared speeches on knife crime for a public speaking challenge.

Daniel Jones insists he has come of age and found his true position – and he’s ready to challenge George Elokobi as Wolves’ chief left-back.

Barack Obama’s decision to move to a larger venue to deliver his speech accepting his party’s nomination on the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, has TV news organizations back at the drawing board to figure out how to deal with the unexpected logistical challenge.

A Scottish sailor wins a global yacht challenge. Images from a Scottish skipper's triumph in a round-the-world yachting challenge.

It will go down in Grand Prix history as a classic race, a nail-biting challenge from start to the finish, with gusty winds and rain conspiring to have their part and ensure both a victory and a majestic drive by the home favorite, Lewis Hamilton.

The Watcher: Tricia Helfer talks about the "odd" feeling while filming the mid-season finale of "Battlestar," the reaction she had when she was reading the script for the finale and taking on the new challenge of playing another mysterious woman on "Burn Notice."

LIVERPOOL, England (AP) Jamie Carragher acknowledged how far Liverpool has fallen since its dominance of the 1970s and 80s, saying he'd be happy to only challenge for the Premier League title next season. "People always talk about us pushing for the league but, to be honest, it isn't very often that we've even challenged," Carragher said Saturday on Liverpool's Web site. "If we were challenging ...

Jamie Carragher wants to see Liverpool Football Club at least challenge for the title next season.

JAMIE CARRAGHER has urged Reds fans to forget talk of winning the title this season – and focus instead on simply making a meaningful challenge.

Lawyers representing Osama bin Laden's former driver asked a federal judge yesterday to halt his fast-approaching military trial so they may have time to continue challenging the legality of the military commission system.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/06/08

“It’s not undoable,” he says of the challenge he took on nearly one year ago, when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa looked up at the blond, 6-foot-3 preacher and asked him to be his gang czar.

In 1999, the FCC said local phone companies didn’t have to pay competitors for connecting subscriber calls to dial-up Internet service, saying those count as interstate traffic rather than local phone calls. Core Communications Inc., a closely held company in Annapolis, MD, challenged the rules and urged the court to force the FCC to justify them.

Currie said one challenge has been that the Art Deco suspension bridge, which connects San Francisco with Marin County, is eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, which would add hurdles to altering the structure.

Weeks later, hoping to avoid a legal challenge under the anti-tax measure Proposition 218, the council broadened the mayor’s goal, saying the top priority for the new money would be police hiring and public safety in general.

The onetime foreign correspondent faces several major challenges: adapting to a Washington power culture with which he’s unfamiliar, merging the Post’s sometimes factious print and online operations and trying to maintain the journalistic excellence that this year brought the Post six Pulitzer Prizes, even as declining ad revenue is forcing staff cuts. “Change is bearing down upon all of us equally, and we will all be called upon to navigate this critical passage,” Brauchli told the newsroom. “I am confident we will meet every challenge and thrive.”

It could be a difficult budget year for the city of Peoria. Mayor Jim Ardis says the city council could have their work cut out for them this year. Ardis says several issues will make the budget a challenge, including rising health care prices and the massive combined sewer overflow project.

A POWER play at the top of Swimming Australia threatens the nation's stability at the Beijing Olympics, with long-standing board member Lynne Bates set to challenge former president Neil Martin's election as a delegate to FINA - the world ruling body of the sport.
This week's graphics challenge theme is Fireworks. Peony, willow, palm, and spider are just a few of the many firework display types. This week's graphic challenge is to create some...

New Zealand Maori coach Donny Stevenson said the challenge of playing World Cup teams and the next best in Australia inspired his side to their dramatic IRB Pacific Nations Cup victory.

Bob Doyle, a featured teacher from the book and film phenomenon The Secret and founder of Boundless Living, rolls out a Free online 45 day challenge that will have people around the world remove obstacles and achieve their dreams.
COST is the main challenge that could hamper the development of fuel-efficient cars as well as hybrid ones in the country, according to auto players.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/05/08

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Afghanistan poses a greater challenge than Iraq for the United States and its allies and will require a commitment from the international community for a generation, Defence Secretary Des Browne said on Thursday.

New Delhi, July 10: St. Stephen’s College has decided to legally challenge a Delhi University ordinance that gives the varsity vice-chancellor a say in the selection of college principals.

Gay and transgender rights advocates said yesterday that Montgomery County's Board of Elections miscalculated the number of signatures required to challenge a law that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity.

A challenge for the Premier's job is expected within weeks.

July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Australian inflation presents a ``significant challenge'' and the central bank should be prepared to raise interest rates ``quickly'' if domestic demand doesn't slow, the International Monetary Fund said.

LONDON -(Dow Jones)- Authorities in Ukraine are failing to meet the challenge of racism, amid an alarming rise in the number or racially-motivated attacks there, human rights organization Amnesty International said Thursday.
Businesses now have a "uniform" way to challenge the awarding of state contracts, thanks to policies published Thursday by the state comptroller.

I hereby accept the challenge.

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/370bfe/managing_credit_ri) has announced the addition of the "Managing Credit Risk: The Great Challenge for Global Financial Markets, 2nd Edition" report to their offering.

A 29-year-old Caldwell woman pleaded guilty to felony gang recruitment Thursday but didn’t admit she committed the crime and reserved the right to challenge Idaho’s gang law at the Idaho Supreme Court.

You challenged it (a machine) to a duel.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/04/08

And the company faces a huge challenge from the soaring costs of natural gas and oil, which are the building blocks of many of its products.

It challenged Bryant’s assertion that he no longer had another notebook that he said he used for his first drawings.

In a statement Wednesday, Dr. Huxley said: “In light of the currently very challenging environment for Speedel, i.e. the upcoming financing needs and the depressed market sentiment, I have agreed to a solution which promises a solid fundament for the future of Speedel.”

The mortgage giants’ crisis does appear, though, to be coming to a head. With their share prices tumbling, raising much more capital on their own would be a huge challenge.
They have 13 challenges in nine cities. “We don’t have much knowledge of the whole green movement,” Bridges says, “which is exactly the point.”

“Not getting consistently paid is tough,” says Thompson, the mandatory challenger for one of the belts held by Klitschko, a Ukrainian based in Germany.

Turf racing is different, however, The Arc would provide an added challenge since Curlin would be asked to run in a clockwise direction in the Oct. 5 race at Longchamps Racecourse in Paris.

Bush signs spy bill and draws lawsuit. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush signed a law on Thursday overhauling the rules for eavesdropping on terrorism suspects but immediately met a civil liberties challenge calling it a threat to Americans' privacy.

Soccer superstar David Beckham came from England to try to jumpstart professional soccer in America. He talks to CNN?s Anderson Cooper about his triumphs, his troubles, and the challenge ahead of him.

Challenge Games has received $4.5 million from Sequoia Capital and announced a multi-year licensing deal with MLB Advanced Media , the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball.

REGINA - The Saskatchewan government is dropping a court challenge of the federal equalization program.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/03/08

ST. JOSEPH – Building houses takes money. Members of the Church of Christ at St. Joseph are doing it one dollar at a time through a challenge issued by their pastor.

"The Democratic Party’s continued efforts to challenge the validity of Herbert Hoffman’s candidacy shows they and Tom Allen have gone from concerned to desperate to keep Mr. Hoffman off the November ballot," said Maine Republican Party Chairman Mark...

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has slammed a court challenge by ANC President Jacob Zuma to have the corruption case against him declared "invalid".

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — An initiative to allow high-stakes gambling in Missouri overcame a court challenge Thursday from opponents who claimed its official ballot summary could mislead voters.

London, July 11: The Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), the body which governs the laws of cricket, has decided to challenge the ICC's last week's decision to change the result of the Test match between England and Pakistan, at the Brit Oval in 2006, to a draw.

NSW Emergency Services Minister Nathan Rees rules out leadership challenge.

Soccer superstar David Beckham came from England to try to jumpstart professional soccer in America. He talks to CNN?s Anderson Cooper about his triumphs, his troubles, and the challenge ahead of him.

Scott Wilson. SCOTT WILSON admitted yesterday that Dunfermline are going to have to lose the tag of serial slow starters, if they are to challenge for promotion to the SPL this season

Krista's Sports Challenge goes twirling for challenge 14.

Marriott Posts 24% Drop In Profit: Hotel Chain Lowers Outlook as Travel in U.S. Slackens. Challenging domestic conditions forced the iconic hotelier to slice its 2008 earnings outlook and forecast for global revenue per available room, or revpar.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/02/08

Rising Food, Oil Prices Pose Challenges for Developing World. While advanced countries are also dealing with the rising price pressures, the challenges are much greater for developing countries, which had been making strides in recent years in improving economic stability and reducing poverty. “The food and fuel price surges have greatly raised the policy challenges associated with reducing poverty, ensuring food security, and maintaining macroeconomic stability.

The Supreme Court has now taken a centrol role in deciding who may be captured and detained as an enemy combatant, ruling that detainees, akin to criminal defendants, are constitutionally entitled to challenge their confinement through “habeas corpus” proceedings in federal district courts.

Auto makers say this timetable is too aggressive given the industry’s financial challenges.

The NYSE, which stood to gain financially if Mr. Grasso lost, long seemed ambivalent about the case, since Mr. Grasso is gone and the exchange is preoccupied with bigger strategic challenges.

In the rest of the world, the monster challenges of climate change, poverty, disease and competition for energy, food and raw materials, all magnified by bad government, are thrusting hundreds of millions into the depts. And we ain’t seen nothing yet.

It also may have produced a new political product in the White House: a president willing to test, confer and take chances, not just confront and challenge.
Challenging the administration’s North Korea capitulation would allow the senator to demonstrate that he is not George W. Bush 2.0, no flip-flop required.

So it’s reassuring that the two presidential candidates appear to take the energy crisis seriously and have ambitious ideas for attacking it. Sen. John McCain calls energy policy “one of (the) great questions” of this campaign, and Sen. Barack Obama says it’s “one of the great challenges that this generation of Americans will ever face.”

The new program would let the FHA insure as much as $300 billion in new mortgages, helping an estimated 400,000 homeowners. It still faces challenges, however, with the House planning to rewrite key details and the White House threatening a veto without major changes. "It's not the final stop, but it is a major stop in getting this bill done," said Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., chairman of the Banking Committee. "For those who said this Congress cannot come together in a bipartisan fashion to do something responsible about housing, this bill does that."

A man like you could lead the challenge.

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati has ruled that the owner of a company that distributes male sexual enhancement pills had no legal standing to challenge government efforts to obtain his private e-mails.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Challenges In The News 09/01/08

Despite the cast’s maturation, all the action on the screen remains strictly G-rated, which Ortega says has been a “great challenge”.

In exchange, a coalition of environmental groups, including, the Sierra club, Audubon California and Natural Resources Defense Council, will not challenge massive development projects on the remaining 10% of the Tejon property.

Now Bowers and others trying to revive this place are finding their first challenge is to explain where it is.
A big challenge of such a structure is that Yahoo may face a big tax hit from selling its search business and would need to secure a majority stake in any combination, say people familiar with the situation.

“The deal will be worded in such a way that it will likely avert a lawsuit from being filed. But, in any case, (R-Com and MTN) are prepared to move forward with the Mukesh Ambani challenge when and if it comes. Their lawyers are telling them it’s an acceptable risk to take.”

The company didn’t provide a specific estimate for the second quarter, but the quarter “turned out to be a significantly more challenging operating environment than expected.”

The challenge for individual investors, however, is deciding how to go about adding commodity investments to their portfolios.
His next big challenge was in 1984, from moderate Democrat Jim Hunt, a popular two-term governor who was points ahead in the polls a year before the election.

“Most individuals think the truth can be what they want it to be,” said Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a leading voice on the religious right. “That represents a tremendous challenge.” Catholic priests, too, face a challenge in retaining and strengthening their parish memberships.

South Korean Protests Show Depth of Anger, Challenge President

As a great leader, Mr. Obama should take a principled stand on the issue of Muslims and Islamophobia. While anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. is substantial, it is not an insurmountable challenge.