Sunday, July 20, 2008

Challenges In The News 07/20/08

Laurence Sunderland said a greater challenge for his son will be overcoming fatigue caused by sleep deprivation, periods of which Zac is bound to encounter, as he’ll be able to nap only during fair weather.
It’s becoming a much more challenging decision to remove susidies than in the past.

The “shareable” taco trio, a threesome of lobster, rib eye and chicken tacos, is another winner, although it’s challenging to share a small taco.

Our challenge is the spaghetti of systems.

And the government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, which was elected for another four-year term in March, has wasted little time in addressing the economic challenges that now confront it.

But Mr. Solbes, who was the European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs for five years before returning to Spain as finance minister in 2004, now faces the toughest challenge of his career.

Real Estate: Maguire poses big test for new CEO. Nelson Rising returns to a company beset by challenges after its founder’s departure. But Nelson may face his toughest challenge in reviving Maguire Properties, the company that built some of the tallest buildings in the West and played a major role in re-defining the city’s skyline. “We have challenges, but I am very upbeat about the company’s prospects,” Rising said at the close of his first full day on the job. “The assets the company has are terrific.
The impasse highlighted a challenge in getting new products into the mass market.
The Eco-Kitchen Challenge – Renovating to be green takes more time, research and intestinal fortitude than doing it the regular way. Is a 16-month journey to a new kitchen worth it?
Natural disasters pose bigger challenges for authoritarian regimes.

“There is a lot of accumulation of wealth,” Mr. Nazif said, thanks to $100-plus-a-barrel oil. “On the other hand, there is the challenge of what to do with this money and how it reflects on the people in the area.” Mr. Nazif said that in Egypt, amid soaring global food prices, his government’s biggest economic challenge is to keep the country’s economic growth rate, which has remained high so far, on track.


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