Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Challenges In The News 07/23/08

A slew of National Park Service and EPA officials have challenged the rule change, arguing that it will worsen visibility in already-impaired areas.

With the general election campaign approaching, McCain faces the challenge of trying to overcome the popular impression – reinforced in Democratic ads – that he intends to keep the United States in Iraq for 100 years if it followed the pattern of U.S. deployments in Korea or Germany, where there is no fighting.

Hezbollah said the Cabinet decision to targets its telecommunications and intelligence capacities was tantamount to challenging its weapons and made the government’s supporters fair game.

Icahn’s challenge opens a dramatic new chapter in a saga that began January 31, when Microsoft stunned Yahoo with a takeover bid that started out at $44.6 billion, or $31 per share, and then rose to $47.5 billion, or $33 per share.

Stevens voted against the Kentucky Death Row inmates who challenged the state’s execution procedures.

The work of a Disney animator, as the studios roared from strength to strength could be as numbing as the daily grind on any other production line. The constant perusal of the storyboards pinned along the wall; the mute challenge of the pile of medium-grade bond paper and the pencil-sharpener full of shavings; the exposure-sheet tacked to the drawing-board, giving the exact times alloted to the scene and the dialogue.

The value has everything to do with combining Yahoo! and Microsoft, which run a distant second and third in the lucrative business of web search and related advertising, in order to challenge the clear leader, Google.

And 1968 was a natural time for Mexico’s youth to challenge the regime; it was, after all, the year of global student revolt. All of Mexico’s demonstrations that summer had an especially dramatic feel because of the imminent arrival of the games.

The main challenge facing the new president will not be to blunt American exceptionalism, but make sure that American triumphalism is not replaced by grumpy and irresponsible isolationism.

It’s possible, scientists say, that a challenge to the immune system – be it an infection, a vaccine or some other trigger – could stress already fragile cells and exacerbate the problem.

To enhance privacy, they created “mini-pods.” Fliers loved them, but for airlines they created challenges, since they take up far more floor space. So designers at B/E began obsessing over LOPAs, an industry acronym for “layout of passenger arrangement.”


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