Thursday, July 24, 2008

Challenges In The News 07/24/08

(Rupert) Murdoch has basically commodified the news. He has basically suppressed the highest traditions of journalism, from objectivity to challenging the powers that be, and he has taken advantage of the public airwaves ... and engaged in soliloquies of extraordinary abuse of people who cannot fight back.

In the latest in his series of interviews as part of the Kaplian-NEWSWEEK M.B.A. program, NEWSWEEK Chairman Richard M. Smith spoke with Hackett about his career and the challenges facing his indsutry.

But when Robert Levy, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the engine behind the Heller lawsuit, determined the time was ripe to challenge the D.C. gun ban in court, one of the factors motivating him was this intellectual shift in the liberal academy.

Officers all across Iraq are coming to grips with Wright’s dilemma. And the challenge they face – how to reconcile with your enemies – is exactly that confronted by Iraqis, too.

The CEO Challenge – Sustaining Growth, Expanding the Boundaries. The challenge for CEO’s goes beyond finding growth, to sustaining it and changing business models to ensure future competitiveness.
Expeditions that had been about challenge and self-fulfillment become a desperate 48-hour attempt at retreat and survival. The goal is no longer the summit of the world’s most celebrated mountain but the relative safety of base camp.
Growth is challenging for all of us. So we’re at least going to have to be as cost-efficient as possible so we can grow our profitability.

Judge backs LAPD Policy: Jurist tosses out a lawsuit challenging curbs on officers’ immigration inquiries.

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has told a Labor Party conference in Perth that inflation is his Government's biggest challenge.

A TEAM of project workers travelling to one of the poorest nations on earth will be facing a tough culinary challenge before they even set off.

Generic drug maker Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. said late Thursday it won a patent challenge regarding Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s drug Mirapex, increasing the possibility of a generic launch.


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